# Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your account with multi-factor authentication. Each time you sign in to your Radio Bridge console account, you'll need your password and verification code.

# Two-Factor Authentication Steps

Currently, We support 2FA using the Google Authenticator app only, Though in future we intend to add SMS based 2FA support and many more.

# Google Authenticator

  1. To enable the 2FA, Login into your account, Navigate to the settings page, click Account Security.
  2. Click the Enable button to continue with 2FA activation process. Multi-factor authentication enable buttons
  3. Enter your current account password and click continue. Enter radiobridge console password
  4. Download the Google Authenticator app in your mobile using below link
    1. iPhone (Apple) users Click here (opens new window) to download the app.
    2. Android users Click here (opens new window) to download the app.
  5. In the next screen Console will show a QR code, Scan the code using your mobile phone. Scan QR Code
  6. Enter the code shown on your phone, It will verify the code, If the code is correct, it will continue to next step.
  7. Next screen shows the Recovery code, That will help you in recovering your account, in case if you don't have access to your phone. download your recovery codes
  8. Save the code to a safe location, Each recovery code can be used once, so use it only whenever you can't access the Authenticator app on your phone.
  9. Click on 'Done'. Successfully activated