# Device Regions Networks

Fetching device regions and network details using this endpoint.

GET  /device-regions-networks

Example Request

$ curl --request GET 'https://console.radiobridge.com/api/visualization/v1/device-regions-networks' \
--header 'organization: <organization id>' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'

Example Response

    "regions": [
    "networks": [
            "id": 2,
            "name": "MachineQ",
            "key": "machineq",
            "is_lora": true,
            "register_methods": ["radiobridge", "user_account"],
            "is_active": true,
            "image": "https://console.radiobridge.com/images/machineq_logo.png"
            "id": 3,
            "name": "Multitech",
            "key": "multitech",
            "is_lora": true,
            "register_methods": ["radiobridge"],
            "is_active": true,
            "image": "https://console.radiobridge.com/images/multitech_logo.png"
Parameter Type Description
regions array Holds the list of device regions in array format
networks array of objects List of device networks with other details

Networks object

Parameter Type Description
id integer Numeric Id of device network
name string Name of device network
key string Key name of device network
is_lora boolean Tells if network is Lorawan or not (True/False)
register_methods array Supported device registration methods. e.g. radiobridge, user_account
is_active boolean If active holds true otherwise false
image string It holds the image path of device network