# Request/Response parameters

# Device attributes

Response body description of devices

Parameter Type Description
id integer Unique integer ID assigned to a device EUI
device_id string Device EUI - 16 Char hexadecimal value
device_type_id integer Represents device type id, Refer device types list
device_type_name string Name of device type from the device type list
device_name string Name of the device
network_name string Device network name. e.g. Multitech, AWs Iot Core, Senet etc.
last_seen timestamp This holds '--' when there is no last seen, otherwise it holds a timestamp value
region string Currently supports 2 regions - US915 or EU868
device_status object Contains Device status object
url string URL
groups array Group ids associated with the device

# Device status object

Each status column will hold a "--" to represent no value.

Parameter Type Description
lastmsg_time timestamp Last message timestamp for the device in Human readable date and time format
battery number Indicates the current battery voltage. ex: 2.6
tamper number "Yes" to represent a tamper detection
tamper_detect_since_reset number "Yes" to indicate if there was a tamper detection after last reset
config_error string "Yes" to indicate the configuration error, otherwise "No"
rate_limit_status string "Yes" if the rate limit exceeds, otherwise "No"
current_sensor_state string Contains current sensor state. For ex: It will hold "Open"/"Close" for a Door sensor
hardware_version number Represents the hardware version of the device ex: 2.1.0
firmware_version number Represents the software version of the device ex: 2.1.0
low_battery number Indicates if the device battery is low. Contains the "Yes"/"No" values