# Downlink Configuration

Within the API section of the Console, there is a single read-only field which specifies the URL to which a third-party application can post downlink parameters to the Console. The downlink URL contains a unique key that is used to authenticate downlink messages posted to this user account.

The parameters that are passed with the downlink request are defined in the following table.

Table 11: Downlink Parameters

Parameter Description
deviceId Unique Device EUI of the sensor
downlink The 8-byte downlink message. See the corresponding sensor user manual for more detail.

To verify a successful queueing of a downlink message, there is a JSON response with the following format:

  "message":"<Success> or <Error> message"

The two parameters are defined in the following table.

Table 12: Downlink API Response Parameters

Parameter Description
status “true” indicates a successful queueing of a new downlink message. “false” indicates a failure to queue downlink message.
message A message following the status of the API call indicating either a success or an error message.