# Import/Export Downlink configuration

This section will help you to import export downlink form configuration in console. You can download the current active configuration of a Device from the device detail page or Configure the device using the Downlink import feature.

# Export

  1. Navigate to the Console (opens new window) and login with your credentials.
  2. Open to the Devices page from left menu and select a device to view the device detail page.
  3. Scroll to the Configure Sensor section, You will see Import/Export buttons under the form as shown in below image.

Configure sensor import export buttons

  1. Click on Export button to download the current configuration for that device.

# Import

  1. If you want to import a new configuration, We recommend to download the current configuration as it will give a JSON file with all the required fields.
  2. Open the JSON file in a Text editor and Update the values as per following instructions.
  3. A sample field structure looks like following JSON:
        "field_key": "<key_name>",
        "name": "<Field name>",
        "value": "<value need to be updated>",
        "description": "<instruction & decription about the field>",
         "allowed_values": [
  1. You only need to update the "value" field in the downloaded JSON file. Here is the description for different JSON fields in the file.
Field Description
field_key The unique key name of the field provided by system, DO NOT CHANGE
name Field name, DO NOT CHANGE
value You can put the new values here, if allowed_values is present then put a value from that list. This is required.
description Field description, DO NOT CHANGE
allowed_values Contains a list of allowed values, If this shows a comma separated list then pick one option from the list to put in value field.
  1. Once you are done editing the JSON file, Click the Import button on Console -> Device detail page.
  2. Select the modified file, and you will notice the current form is populated with the new values. (Depends on how you've placed the values in JSON file.)
  3. Once the values are populated in the form, You need to click on submit button to Schedule the downlink.
  4. If the configured values will pass the validation and a downlink is scheduled, then you will see a Success message on the screen.

Configure sensor import success